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- 02/02/2024

Traditional Tet ( Lunar New Year) is the biggest traditional holiday of the year for Vietnamese people. This is the moment of intersection between the old year and the new year, between a cycle of operation of heaven and earth, of all things and plants. In addition, it also represents the connection between people. Tet is an oppotunity for people to turn to their ancestors, parents and relatives, to send each other meaningful gifts and wishes for a peaceful and happy new year.

Wishes for the New Year of the Dragon 2024 from Duy Anh) 

 Quy Mao is passing, Giap Thin is coming. The Cat Quy Mao is about to hand over to the Dragon Giap Thin. Perhaps among the 12 animals, The Dragon is only that does not exist in real life but is an imaginary animal in myth. Dragon do not belong to  the animal  that human can raise like the others, but they are honored and ingrained in life, especially with the Vietnamese legend" The Dragon and the Fairy". Besides, only Dragon can fly and carries many ideal aspirations. The dragon flies high close to the moon and stars without being covered in earthly mud, so it is often a symbol of Kings and power.

During Tet, lucky money is one of the meaningful activities that everyone looks forward to. After a busy year, this is an oppotunity for people to visit each other, share good wishes, express concern and exchange lucky coins. Parents give lucky money to grandparents, elders give lucky money to children, friends and colleagues give lucky money to each other. Regardless of the denomination, the envelop still retains its inherent value, which is to wish the recipient good luck and good health in the new year.

Mr Rice 's lucky money envelop for the year of Dragon 2024 

Regardless of the period or the locality, the 30th Tet dinner for every Vietnamese person always has a profound meaning, it is ingrained in the memories of each family member. After a year of hard working , we reunite together and tell each other about the hardships and achievements we have achieved. Stories go on and on, nurturing altruism and love, arousing many good emotions in people. Having gone through so many hardships and challenges, when the members sit around the New Year's Eve dinner, the difficulties seem to disappear, people find encouragement, motivation and peace next to their loved.

Duy Anh's Tet reunion dinner tray

The moment of transferring the old year and the new year is approaching, apricot branches are blooming the the bright yellow sunlight, people's hearts are cheerful and excited to welcome Spring.  


Source: Duy Anh ( Mr Rice) 

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First of all, Duy Anh Foods sends respectful greetings and deep thanks to our clients and partners who have accompanied us during the past time. Along with the development trend, the demand for products made from rice with high quality such as: Rice paper, rice noodle, rice vermicelli, noodle, Hue's rice vermicelli,... is increasing in both domestic and foreign market. Catching up with this opportunity, Duy Anh has continuously improved and innovated traditional products and created new products that combined agricultural products to improved nutritional valued as well as diversify processing methods for dinners such as: Water melon rice vermicelli, cereal rice vermicelli, dragon fruit rice paper, vegetable noodle,...
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There are only a few days left until the Lunar New Year, take advantage of arranging production of orders to promptly deliver to customers as schedule. A year of economic challenges but everyone still comes together and continues the next journey. A few gifts and rice sent to Duy Anh Foods team so that everybody can have a warm and meaningful Lunar New Year.
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